September 8


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Workplace innovation can boost an organisation’s productivity and competitiveness and generate new products and processes. Effective Human Resource Management can enhance workplace innovation capabilities within an organisation by allowing dynamic networks to form and ideas to emerge and flourish. However, when it comes to implementation, there is often a gulf between the intended and actual.

At our upcoming Masterclass, Anna Bos-Nehles, Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management at the University of Twente, will provide insights on the crucial role of line managers in enacting and embedding HR strategies that encourage innovation.

She will be joined by Liz Reilly, Scottish Government National iMatter Programme Lead, who will share lessons from the iMatter staff experience and engagement programme. iMatter has engaged with more than 100,000 health and care employees to date across NHS Scotland and Scotland’s local authorities. Liz will highlight how the iMatter approach gathers insights at team level on employee engagement, and supports line managers and teams to collaborate on actions to improve job quality and team performance.

Register below for practical tips on how to develop line managers and teams to both be and support innovators.