Across the private and public sectors, organisations share a need to support employees to be engaged and productive. Among the most important stakeholders in delivering effective workplace and HR strategies are line managers – those directly involved in the day-to-day work of supporting employees to deliver on their objectives.  At the PrOPEL Hub, our research teams are particularly interested in how organisations – and line managers within those organisations – promote employee engagement and support people to drive innovation. Our upcoming ‘PrOPEL Masterclass Webinar’ on Tuesday 8 September at 11am (register here) brings together cutting-edge academic research with the insights from good practice on the ground to explore these issues.  

Our first Masterclass Webinar keynote will be Dr Anna Bos-Nehles, Assistant Professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Anna is a leading expert in Human Resource Management and will be sharing insights from her recent research which explores the practical implications of HR policies and practices on employee innovation at an operational level.

Anna has worked with a range of organisations both in the public and private sectors including; Shell, Stork Fokker, The Netherlands Fire Services and several healthcare organisations. In her presentation Anna will focus on the role of line managers in the implementation of HRM practices and innovative employee behaviours in the organisation.

Line managers also play an important role where organisations have taken action to promote employee engagement and improve job quality. Our second Masterclass Webinar keynote, Liz Reilly, is National iMatter Programme Lead for the Scottish Government, and has led the delivery of iMatter – an innovative programme promoting employee engagement among NHS staff and care workers in Scotland’s local authorities. iMatter engages with more than 100,000 of these keyworkers annually and is rooted in the idea that engagement and innovation is best driven through effective collaboration between line managers and frontline staff. Liz will discuss how iMatter has empowered line managers and their teams to collaborate to improve jobs and care in these crucial public services. 

Join our Masterclass Webinar on the 8th of September for practical, evidence-based insights into the role of line managers and the opportunity to ask Anna and Liz your questions.

In addition to the resources on the PrOPEL Hub website, our partners the CIPD also offer lots of valuable resources, guidance and information on improving people management skills and strategy and getting the ‘people’ aspect of your business right in their People Skills Hub.