In this video, Professor Sara Connolly (University of East Anglia) offers insight into how to build a business case for investing in improving workplace wellbeing.

Considering the wellbeing of your staff is key to being a good employer and a successful organisation. Wellbeing contributes to staff engagement, it helps with retention and enhances productivity. Staff wellbeing is perhaps even more important in these challenging times as employees and managers navigate new ways of working, but how can you tell if you are getting the most wellbeing benefit for the cost of the intervention?

In this recorded webinar hosted by Norfolk Chambers of Commerce, Sara introduces you to cost-effectiveness analysis to support investment choices for improving workplace wellbeing, covering:

  • How to compare and assess the cost effectiveness of wellbeing activities
  • How to collect the right types of data needed to perform a cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Examples of the cost-effectiveness of wellbeing activities using case studies.

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