Disability Talking is a short film produced by Professor Melanie Jones and Professor Victoria Wass at Cardiff University which draws upon the experiences of four workers who describe the barriers that they encountered at the workplace and the support that was available to them to address these barriers.

The film has been produced as part of the Disability@Work initiative which brings together a team of academics who have a common and long-standing interest in disability and work.  Their work seeks to explore issues such as:

  • How does the type and experience of work differ for disabled workers?
  • How much are disabled employees disadvantaged with respect to pay?
  • How widely are disability and equality policies and practices adopted at the workplace?
  • What is the impact of management and the organisation of work on disabled people?
  • What are the employment consequences of disability onset for workers in the UK? 
  • How do disabled employees fare during periods of economic crisis?

For further information please visit their website https://www.disabilityatwork.co.uk/ or email info@disabilityatwork.co.uk if you would like to get in touch.