October 26


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Embedding resilience in the everyday workplace: a PrOPEL Knowledge into Practice event

This PrOPEL Hub knowledge into practice session offers insight into what a resilient organisation looks like on an everyday basis and what organisations can do to become more resilient.

The first couple of decades of the 21st Century have provided increasingly complex and volatile operating environments for businesses and other organisations. Dealing with complexity and volatility requires learning and a willingness to adapt. This knowledge into practice event focusses on embedding practices into everyday workplaces so that learning and adaptation become the norm.

Knowledge Exchange Fellows Dr Nicola Murray (University of Strathclyde) and Dr Helen Fitzhugh (University of East Anglia) will:

• highlight the interplays between individual and organisational resilience,

• discuss the differences between ‘bouncing back’ and transformational resilience,

• offer insights into academic research on high reliability organisations

• draw parallels between the behaviours required for resilience and employee wellbeing.

Participants in the session will be asked to:

• reflect on their own experiences of what makes an organisation resilient,

• discuss ways they think they could use the learning from the session,

• pick one action to take away at the end of the session to try in their organisation.