INOX, Level 5, Student's Union Building (Suites 1 and 2)

Durham Road

Sheffield, S10 12TG

Join PrOPEL Hub experts from across the UK for an interactive, solution-focused event on workplace wellbeing, conflict resolution, improving job quality, employee engagement, and performance management. There are a limited number of places available for businesses to engage with this People Management Hackathon – so sign up today!

Where and when?

The People Management Hackathon will take place at the INOX, Level 5, Student’s Union Building, University of Sheffield, from 1030 to 1445 on Thursday 1 February. The event is free but places are strictly limited. Book via Eventbrite.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is any event where people come together to discuss and find ways to solve problems. It does not have to involve technology – this event is focused on people management topics.

It’s called a hackathon because of the activity ‘hacking’ (thinking of solutions to problems) and it’s a bit like a marathon, because you cover so much ground in one day. Our ‘marathon’ element is offering three sessions one after the next on lots of different people management topics. It’s a full workout for your organisation’s thinking on people management matters.

How does it work?

Each ‘hack’ session is hosted by a PrOPEL Hub expert, bringing cutting-edge research findings to you in plain English, with a focus on practical action and what you can do as a business.

Ideally, we would like you to bring two people from your business (someone with direct responsibility for HR and another person with leadership responsibility at any level of the organisation). If you are unable to provide two participants, then a single person with responsibility for people management can attend. You will join in a small group with two or three other businesses, and participate in one session for each of the three ‘hack blocks’ listed below.


Dr Helen Fitzhugh (University of East Anglia) offers a session on how and why to improve workplace wellbeing, from strategic and practical points of view; Professor Alan Felstead and Rhys Davies (Cardiff University) offer a session to explore what aspects of job quality really matter. With the help of an online job quiz and survey evidence, participants will be asked: to assess the quality of their own jobs and those of their staff; and to discuss what they, as managers, can do about meeting these demands. Choose either / or:

A – Everyone can take next steps in workplace wellbeing

B – How good are your jobs and what do workers want?


Professor Paul Latreille (University of Sheffield) and Frankie Saundry (University of Westminster) offer a session on building managerial conflict competence and resolving conflict in teams; Professor Colin Lindsay and Dr Nicola Murray (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) offer insights into how ‘job crafting’ can improve employee engagement and innovation performance. Choose either / or:

A – Building managerial conflict competence

B – Job crafting to support employee engagement and innovation


Professor Martin McCracken and Dr Keira O’Kane (Ulster University) and Professor Sara Connolly (University of Leicester) offer sessions on ‘where next?’ for individual performance management and on how to make the business case for workplace wellbeing based on evidence of cross-organisational performance gains. Choose either / or:

A – Implementing effective performance management

B – Making the business case for workplace wellbeing based on cost-effectiveness

How do I take part?

There are limited business spaces available, so firstly: can you commit to attending all sessions of this free half-day event? Are you ready to be interactive, engage with the latest research insights and think through the implications for your organisation? Will you be happy for us to follow up with you by phone in March 2024 to check if the day has had any impact on your thinking on people management? If all of the above – great! We look forward to hosting you. Please note everyone from a participating organisation should register separately.

Register stating your preferences for the sessions within the hack blocks on our sign-up form. We will try to accommodate as many preferences as possible, but these will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and we will group individuals from the same organisation together, so be prepared to participate in any of the sessions listed.

A PrOPEL Hub People Management Hackathon will also take place at Ulster University on 29 February 2024. Details can be found here.