An exploration of the people management strategies in Social Care Organisations

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) are established to fulfil a collective, public or social need and – as the name suggests – are ‘not for profit’! However, NPOs now face growing competition for funding and resources to survive. To enhance their organisational value, performance and ultimately competitiveness, they are increasingly looking to progressive management strategies as a solution.

What benefits and limitations does such an approach have within an NPO? How does the requirement that NPOs be competitive and sustainable impact their ability to fulfil their original social mission?

At this webinar, Dr Martin McCracken, Research Director at Ulster University Business School and Dr Denise Currie, Senior Lecturer at Queens University Belfast, will explore what the evidence tells us and consider implications for policymakers and practitioners.

This event is part of the PrOPEL Hub’s Spotlight on Health and Social Care Series taking place across June and July. For other upcoming events, head to