Investing in employee wellbeing is a win-win situation: the workers feel better and the business benefits from their better performance, lower turnover and more creative approaches to work. Yet, some managers may still need convincing. As researchers at the University of East Anglia, we are regularly asked how businesses can justify spending time and money on wellbeing initiatives. Luckily, we are able to hand them a 2-sided factsheet that answers their questions and can be passed on to their budget-holders.

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing published a fact sheet called ‘Why invest in employee wellbeing?’ drawing on evidence from the UEA-led Work and Learning research programme for the Centre. You can download it here:

If you are convinced of the value of improving wellbeing in general, but not sure about the cost-effectiveness of a particular initiative or activity, please consider signing up to receive information in the near future about a cost-effectiveness toolkit also being developed by our team: