In this video, Dr Helen Fitzhugh, Professor Colin Lindsay and Professor Kevin Daniels share insights on how organisations can build wellbeing and engagement into the new normal for businesses.

Kevin and Colin discuss how focussing on job quality can help businesses and workers be ready to tackle new challenges, even in a crisis. They offer evidence-based insight and guidance on the importance of employee engagement and wellbeing for productivity, performance and innovation in business.

Key points from the discussion:

  • Colin says that the COVID-19 crisis will challenge each business to change how they organise work, so, as part of this necessary redesign, why not build in practices that support engagement and wellbeing?
  • Kevin outlines the different approaches businesses can take to tackle this re-design, e.g. by training managers and building team cohesion through social contact and group activities.
  • Colin and Kevin finish by suggesting that ‘job crafting’ – where workers are given the resources and support to improve the quality of their own jobs – can become part of everyday processes to improve business.

Referenced in video:

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