The PrOPEL Hub is pleased to invite you to our showcase of recent research by our team of leading researchers and guest presenters from the academic community.

Through a series of talks taking place over Autumn 2021, we will share insights and a range of perspectives on the PrOPEL Hub’s core focus –  how people management and workplace practices support employee wellbeing and engagement, and boost productivity. The series will offer the opportunity to learn more about our partners, collaborators and future research and outline how you can get involved with our work.

Each session will feature a presentation from a different PrOPEL Hub partner and will be followed by a panel discussion via an audience Q & A session.  Links to register for our first three events are below. You can learn more about PrOPEL Hub research here

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 12:00 PM

The Importance of Family, History and Place for Trade Union Membership

Rhys Davies, Cardiff University and Alex Bryson, University College London

Employee involvement underpins fair work. In this seminar, Rhys Davies and Alex Bryson join our chair Alan Felstead to explore the importance of cultural traditions in supporting union membership within contemporary Britain.

Thu, Oct 28, 2021 3:00 PM

Managing People for engagement, innovation, productivity and wellbeing.

Prof Patricia Findlay, Prof Colin Lindsay, University of Strathclyde

(Research team: Findlay, Lindsay, Baaker, Demerouti, Roy, Burns, Dutton and McQuarrie, with Boesten and Junker)

In this seminar, Patricia Findlay and Colin Lindsay share insights from their ESRC-funded research working with employees and business leaders to explore the links between HR and workplace practice, engagement and wellbeing, and innovative work behaviours.


Tue, Nov 2, 2021 10AM

Productivity From Below. A unique approach to the use of Practitioner partners as Co-investigators

Professor Monder Ram, Dr Imelda McCarthy and Katherine Jones from Aston University and Professor Anne Green from the University of Birmingham

In this seminar, the team share insights from their unique ESRC-funded research Productivity from Below, which is co-produced with practitioner partners and uses academic research to address and boost productivity practices in disadvantaged micro business communities in the West Midlands.