In this session chaired by Dr Cher Li, Professors Paul Mizen, Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen and Rebecca Riley, leading experts on management practices, business performance and industrial policy, explore future trends in management practices and productivity.

Economic uncertainty was on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. Research shows how better managed organisations survived and thrived through past economic crises and the current pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, workforce reskilling and new forms of innovation. All of this will require significant experimentation and learning by managers. But it also affords a new opportunity to build better workplaces by reimagining norms around how/where we work and the role of management in enabling these transitions.

In this video, Professors Paul Mizen, Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen and Rebecca Riley each bring a fresh perspective on the role of management practices for productivity, building a productive workforce, and current trends and lessons.

Time Stamps

(4.07) Productivity during Covid-19

Paul Mizen, Professor of Monetary Economics and Director of CFCM at University of Nottingham

(21.13) Working from home: evidence from the UK and US

Nick Bloom, Professor of Economics at Stanford University –

(37.40) Interaction between management and new technologies in influencing economic performance

John Van Reenen, Ronald Coase Chair in Economics and Director of Programme on Innovation & Diffusion at LSE

(54.21) Helping firms improve management practices: interventions and business support

Rebecca Riley, Professor of Practice in Economics at King’s Business School and Director of ESCoE