Written by Dr Imelda McCarthy, CREME


The P WORD, a programme dedicated to nurturing creative talents, has embarked on its third year, running from July to December 2023. This initiative, a collaboration between CREME and Punch Records, offered bespoke workshops focused on business development, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

The Cohort

Participants on the programme represented diverse expertise from across the creative industry. One was a founder of an academy specialising in Afro textured hair, who was making strides in beauty education and inclusivity. Another, a professional dancer, and choreographer, who had established a fitness company, blending dance with wellness. There was also a media company founder focused on minority-led narratives, highlighting the importance of resilience and diversity in media. A freelance practitioner with a background in music, arts, and authorship whose business focused on youth engagement and personal development. A songwriter, now leading a management company that merged music with wellbeing. Lastly, a dance entrepreneur focused on community engagement, artist development, and enhancing health through dance. Each participant demonstrated a unique commitment to their field, enriching the creative landscape with their distinct talents and perspectives.

Session Highlights

The programme featured a series of enriching sessions, each targeting a vital aspect of business and creative enterprise. Starting with a session on New Business, participants were encouraged to set ambitious goals and persevere through challenges. The Leadership session highlighted the importance of resilience, adaptability, and inclusivity.

Financial Management emphasised the crucial role of financial knowledge in growing a creative business. The Pitching and Presenting workshop delved into the art of effectively communicating and influencing through pitches.

Social Media and Digital Marketing offered valuable strategies for enhancing brand presence and audience engagement online. The series culminated with a comprehensive session on Business Plan Development, guiding participants through strategic planning and execution, equipping them with the skills to turn their ideas into actionable, realistic business plans. Each session was designed to provide participants with practical tools and insights, crucial for navigating and succeeding in the creative industry.


The P WORD served as a dynamic platform for creative minds, offering a nurturing space for growth, learning, and community building. The programme intersects where art meets entrepreneurship, fostering a new generation of creative leaders. The journeys of the participants in this cohort underscore the power of passion, resilience, and vision in shaping the creative landscape.

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