In episode three of the PrOPEL Hub’s ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’ podcast series, Professor Monder Ram welcomes Damini Sharma, Director of The OM Group, to share her insights and experiences of the importance of resilience in surviving and prospering in challenging times.

Damini begins by telling the inspiring story of how her business overcame huge disruption to their operations following the liquidation of the construction company Carillion in 2018. Despite not being a direct customer of The OM Group, the ripple effect of Carillion’s failure was devastating for many businesses in the industry. Damini shares the lessons she learnt in this turbulent period about resilience as the leader of a small business.

Fast forward two years, Damini believes that the coping strategies and approaches that she and her business developed following the demise of Carillion have enabled them to not only survive the challenges of the global pandemic but to grow their team from six to eighteen people.

Listen to the podcast to hear Damini’s insights into:

  • The interconnections between personal and business resilience – including 5 pillars of resilience
  • Approaches to business continuity planning and 4 strategies for building resilience in the longer term
  • The importance of having a clear purpose and a well-defined set of core values
  • The role of mindfulness in everything she does