In part one of our Thriving in Uncertainty podcast series, Professor Graeme Roy hosts a discussion with Professor Monder Ram and Professor Eleanor Shaw on the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the UK.

Monder and Eleanor bring insights from two ends of the spectrum – Monder’s work supports community-based microbusinesses with 1-9 employees while Eleanor specialises in executive education for fast growth companies. Despite these different perspectives, the discussion uncovers a surprising number of parallels across the board.

The conversation explores the different impact the crisis is having in a variety of sectors as well as some of the interesting ideas that are coming to the fore during this time including:

  • Pivoting
  • Ambidextrous leadership 
  • Innovation and creativity 

They offer advice and highlight the crucial role of informal networks in overcoming this challenging period as well as importance of listening and co-creating solutions alongside entrepreneurs. 

Part 2 of our thriving in uncertainty series is available here: