Workplace innovation is about putting people at the centre of efforts to resolve real business problems, empowering employees to come up with solutions that improve businesses for everyone involved. The Scottish Centre for Employment Research (based at Strathclyde University) is a leading authority in this area and has played an important role in promoting workplace innovation in Scotland in recent years. These two short videos (recorded during previous projects led by the centre) provide an introduction to workplace innovation and why it matters.

In the first video, Sir Peter Housden (former Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government) explains the key role workplace innovation can play both in helping companies grow and also in supporting those that are facing challenging circumstances. He highlights the importance of teamwork in coming up with novel solutions.

In this second video, Professor Patricia Findlay highlights the interconnected benefits that workplace innovation can promote from an economic and societal perspective. She discusses the competitive advantage available to organisations as a result of unleashing the potential of their employees.