In this video, Professors Alan Felstead and Jonathan Morris from Cardiff University provide fascinating insights as to how working lives are changing because of the global pandemic and what this means for the future of work.

Alan firstly discusses the recent surge in homeworking, its impact on employee productivity and the likelihood that it will become an enduring feature of work.  Alan reveals how those with better jobs have experienced the most dramatic changes and that overall productivity has not been adversely affected.

Jonathan reflects on what it has been like for managers, from a variety of sectors and industries who have been working from home during the COVID pandemic. Based on interviews with managers, Jonathan reveals that whilst home-working has been liberating for some, the isolation has impacted upon workplace learning and wellbeing.

Alan and Jonathan both conclude that homeworking, maybe in a hybrid form, is here to stay. 

The slides from the event are available below:

Alan Felstead is a Research Professor based  School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Jonathan Morris is a Professor in Organisational Analysis based at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University