Work conflict is at the heart of every organisation and its impact on productivity is substantial. Several lines of research, including reports from ACAS and CIPD, suggest that line managers, senior leaders and HR practitioners can boost productivity by improving their own conflict management skills. 

In this series of free interactive workshops, you will be hearing insights from a wide range of academics, policy-makers and HR experts on promoting different approaches to conflict resolution. You will also have the opportunity to seek concrete recommendations for your organisation.

HR, trade unions and line managers – the golden triangle of conflict resolution – 27 October 2021

This webinar will take a practical look at the benefits of developing high-trust relationships between key stakeholders. It will offer some key insights into how these relationships work and what can be done to get the most out of them.

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Workplace mediation15 December 2021

Mediation has become increasingly popular in recent years as organisations have looked at alternative ways of resolving conflict at work. It can be very effective in restoring and repairing relationships and if used strategically, it can also help to transform the way that conflict is managed. In the session, we bring together a range of mediation experts to look at how organisations can get the most out of mediation.


Developing strategic approaches to conflict management – 26 January 2021

A growing body of research has pointed to the organisational benefits of developing more strategic approaches to the management of workplace conflict. In this session we discuss how your organisation can build an integrated conflict management system. We will look at the key design components and explore the key challenges and obstacles that you may face in embedding more strategic approaches in your workplace.

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Previous Events

Reconnecting HR? Putting Conflict Management at the Heart of HR

At this workshop, experts in HR and conflict management discussed the practical implications of their research into the role of HR Practitioners in the management of workplace conflict. The research, which has been published in the Human Resource Management Journal and which was awarded the CIPD’s Ian Beardwell Prize questions the centralisation of HR, the shift to business partnering and more remote models of HR management.

During the workshop, 4 key propositions were explored. Read more on these here:

You can learn more about the research underpinning the workshop here.

Speakers included Richard Saundry, Professor of HRM and Employment Relations at The University of Sheffield; Virginia Fisher, Associate Professor in HR Studies, Plymouth Business School; Sue Kinsey, Associate Professor in HR Studies, Plymouth Business School; Jonny Gifford, Senior Advisor for Organisational Behaviour at the CIPD and Debbie Sanders, founder of specialist employee relations consultancy Make Work Better

It’s good to talk – developing effective informal conflict resolution

In this workshop, Professor Richard Saundry from the University of Sheffield and Professor Peter Urwin from the University of Westminster reflected on 10 years of Acas funded research to ask why we find it so difficult to develop more creative approaches to conflict resolution and identify some ways that organisations can promote early and informal intervention. 

Slides from the session can be downloaded here:

Workplace Bullying in the Cultural Industry

In this PrOPEL Hub Webinar Dr Sam Farley, Dr Alexandra Woodall and Professor Richard Saundry explore how to prevent, mitigate, and/or solve bullying in the cultural industry and in all organisations in general.

You can watch the recording from the session below: