The University of East Anglia and RAND Europe have just launched a toolkit of free, evidence-informed workplace wellbeing resources to help businesses evolve their workplace wellbeing approach and thrive. Dr Helen Fitzhugh explains how there is something useful for every manager and HR professional in the toolkit, however far on the workplace wellbeing journey their business has travelled.

The Evolve Workplace Wellbeing online toolkit is not your everyday academic project. The contents of the toolkit have been specially designed and user tested to use cutting edge research evidence to answer the questions businesses commonly ask our workplace wellbeing researchers:

  • Why should our business be interested in staff wellbeing?
  • How do I start making improvements in workplace wellbeing?
  • What does the business get back from investing in wellbeing – financially and otherwise?
  • What do successful businesses in this area do? What do they avoid?
  • I want to learn more, but how can I do that if I don’t have much time?  

From the evidence of many different studies and reviews we are able to answer these questions in the form of practical content:

  • A business case calculator – Check out the cost-effectiveness of different types of wellbeing initiative in the workplace. The calculator gives benefits and costs in pounds and pence, allowing a direct comparison to aid decision making.
  • A guide to the ‘explore and embed’ approach to workplace wellbeing – Our team developed the explore and embed approach as an ecosystem approach to thinking about workplace wellbeing. Use our handy business diagnostic questions to point you towards content you need to know.
  • An online Wellbeing at Work course – The course is evidence-informed and includes bite-sized videos and cases that are easy to work through at your own pace. It covers what a good wellbeing programme looks like and the benefits of good workplace wellbeing. Watch a taster of three course videos here.
  • Short case studies – Find out what other businesses are doing in the wellbeing space as new case studies are researched and uploaded.
  • Videos of previous events – Make use of our immense back catalogue of webinars and videos on workplace wellbeing topics. See new videos here after future events.
  • Contact us – Keep up to date with the latest workplace wellbeing research findings by signing up to our newsletter, or send us a query about workplace wellbeing!

Evolve stands for EVIdence Inspired Organisations, Listening, and Valuing Everyone. Organisations with sustainable approaches to workplace wellbeing achieve success on an ongoing basis by evolving their wellbeing approach over time. Listening to the wellbeing concerns of their employees and responding appropriately with genuine concern for employees is a massive part of this task: dialogue is one of the sections that can be found in our ‘What now?!! To What if?’ comprehensive guide to workplace wellbeing approaches.

If you are new to workplace wellbeing, watch our introductory animation and sign up to our free online course at your own pace. If you have a little more experience you will find the business case calculator and the diagnostic questions in the guide useful. If you are already an expert in workplace wellbeing implementation, review the comprehensiveness of your approach against evidence-based models in the guide and sign up to take part in good practice networking and further research.

Join us at Evolve Workplace Wellbeing and take the next step on your organisation’s workplace wellbeing evolution.