The COVID-19 crisis has changed many things. One significant work-related change has been the extended period of enforced home-working for anyone who could do so. There have been many more home-workers, but also more people learning how to manage home-workers for the first time.

Here are two resources – provided by our PrOPEL Hub partners at the University of East Anglia – to help you think about managing remote workers more effectively, for wellbeing and productivity.

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This blog post offers a short introduction to the topic of managing ‘distributed’ workers (workers who are away from their manager for extended periods of time). It also includes a friendly 1-page infographic that summarises key things for managers to consider.

This podcast offers a more in-depth discussion on remote working, wellbeing, trust and learning. It is around 30 minutes long and involves a former student of Norwich Business School interviewing a researcher about what we can learn from workplace wellbeing research to apply to the current crisis.