In the below video, part of our ‘Building and Embedding Resilience’ miniseries, CIPD knowledge exchange manager for the PrOPEL Hub, Meryl Levington, sets out a framework to help businesses think about and plan for resilience.

Would you like your organisation to be more resilient but don’t know where to start? Paying attention to resilience is not all about visioning and pivoting – there are some basic things to think about on a practical level that can make a substantial difference to organisational continuity.

In this recording PrOPEL Hub knowledge exchange manager for the CIPD, Meryl Levington, who also delivers business support outside her CIPD role, shares her experience of helping businesses plan for resilience. In conversation with PrOPEL Hub knowledge exchange fellows Nicola Murray and Helen Fitzhugh, Meryl draws on examples from businesses she has worked with on pandemic and Brexit challenges and offers insight into key areas for conducting a resilience audit.

Carrying out a resilience audit can involve thinking about more than obvious operational and financial issues – although these are of course important. Meryl starts by outlining the foundation for approaching resilience – taking care of leader wellbeing and stress levels to ensure the audit process is carried out with a level head and relevant team members can be involved.

She then moves on to cover topics as wide as:

  • reserves,
  • technology,
  • insurance,
  • weather issues,
  • customer-bases,
  • continuity of leadership and
  • where you keep your documentation (to name but a few!)

demonstrating her depth of practical insight and showing how the concepts and topics explored throughout the PrOPEL Hub translate into real life decisions and plans.