In early 2020, no one could have predicted what lay ahead.  The global pandemic has tested organisations and their employees to the limit, in some cases requiring a total rethink of the way they do business. As organisations seek to build back after Covid-19 and whatever lies beyond, developing resilience at an individual, team and organisational level is essential if businesses are to prepare for the unexpected. Our building resilience mini-series provides context and connects theoretical concepts about resilience with lived “on the ground” experience.

What is Resilience and why does it matter?

To set the context for the week ahead, Knowledge Exchange Fellows Dr Nicola Murray and Dr Helen Fitzhugh explore what is meant by resilience and why it matters through 4 mini concept videos  Themes explored will include:

  • Anticipation and adaption – two approaches to resilience
  • High reliability organising and workplace wellbeing
  • The relationship between individual and organisational resilience
  • Transformation resilience in the workplace

Thriving in Uncertainty – Part 3

In episode three of the PrOPEL Hub’s ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’ podcast series, Professor Monder Ram welcomes Damini Sharma , Director of The OM Group, to share her insights and experiences of the importance of resilience in surviving and prospering in challenging times. Damini explains how she drew on past experiences during the pandemic to enable The OM Group to not only survive, but grow from 6 to 18 people.    

Resilience in Practice – The Wellbox Story 

In this video, PrOPEL Hub knowledge exchange associate Nicola speaks to founder of Wellbox, Justin Gilchrist. Justin shares the story of the creation of Wellbox as a result his existing business being hit hard by the global pandemic. Nicola and Justin discuss the role of both individual and organisational resilience in creating a thriving business out of adversity.    

Resilience audit – a practical approach

In this video, PrOPEL Hub knowledge exchange fellows Nicola and Helen speak with Meryl Levington. Meryl is the Knowledge Exchange Manager for CIPD and PrOPEL Hub, but she also delivers business support outside her role. Meryl shares her experience of helping businesses plan for resilience and gives practical examples of tackling leader, operational and financial resilience issues.