As part of our ‘Building and Embedding Resilience’ miniseries, PrOPEL Hub Knowledge Exchange Associate, Nicola Murray, speaks to founder of Wellbox, Justin Gilchrist. Wellbox creates health, wellbeing and food-based gifts, primarily targeted to companies with staff working from home or in remote locations.  

In the video, Justin shares the story of the creation of Wellbox when his existing corporate catering business was hit hard by the global pandemic. Nicola and Justin discuss the role of resilience in creating a thriving business out of adversity.  

Watch the video to get an insight into: 

  • The differences between individual and organisational resilience and the roles these play 
  • Transformational resilience in practice and what underpins it 
  • The value of taking an MVP (minimal viable product) approach in developing new business ideas and how this works in practice  
  • Key learnings that enabled Justin and his team to develop Wellbox into a thriving, seven figure business in a matter of months 

To find out more about Wellbox, please visit or find them on social media @wellboxuk.