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Release Date – 18 November

It’s been 9 months since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and countries across the world went into lockdown.  The onset and spread have left few unaffected.

As large parts of the UK enter into a second lockdown, the PrOPEL Hub explores the impact of the pandemic on entrepreneurs and their enterprises in Part 2 of it’s ‘Thriving in Uncertainty’ Podcast Series.

  • What have been the key challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs during Covid-19?
  • What advice and support networks are available for entrepreneurs?
  • How can businesses continue to respond and pivot in an uncertain and challenging operating environment?

Join Professor Eleanor Shaw and Professor Monder Ram in conversation with Ammo Talwar, CEO of Punch Records, and Susan Aktemel, Executive Director of Homes for Good, as they explore these themes and more. 

For part 1 of the PrOPEL Hub ‘Thriving in Uncertainty Series’ check out: https://www.propelhub.org/thriving-in-uncertainty-the-power-of-entrepreneurial-leadership-and-the-need-for-community/


Release Date – 19 November

Punch Records and CRÈME explore the past, present and future of Birmingham’s black entrepreneurs, with a focus on the creative sector.

Taking inspiration for its name from the historical examples of prosperous black-owned business communities in the United States, Black New Street is a Birmingham-centric, intergenerational conversation among the black business community.

The documentary features interviews with key figures from Birmingham’s black business community and poses interesting questions about what the city could look like in the future for its black entrepreneurs.

More information on The P Word can be found at: https://www.wearepunch.co.uk/the-p-word